School project - c#
Coordinated Movement

Made a RTS movement system with option to change group forming And postion. Clicking on with will bring you to the github.

AI - c#
Animal AI

Animal AI i made for Exploring the wild.

School Project - c++

Made in engine of school, we needed to make a flocking ai.

School Project - c++
Zombie - AI

i made a Player_AI in the engine of school. The ai Knows how to enter and exit buildings. Picking up items, shooting the zombies, run when bitten and keep distance between the zombies.

PUN - Photon - Networking - c#

Networking i done with photon in unity, this is for the game Exploring The wild.

Destructive Ground c#
Worms 3D - Destructive Ground

Destructive Ground made for 3D Worms remake.

Solo project - SchoolGame - c#

A simple game to learn SOLID principles

Solo project - SchoolGame - c#

a prototype game, made this for game desgin.

Coming soon...