Team project - Gamejam - Worked as: Artist
oogies spacepark

Made oogies space park in a week for the epic game jam. first time doing a game jam in unreal.

Team project - Gamejam - Worked as: VR Programmer
Don't let them eat cake!

Don't let them eat cake is a 3 day game jam from dae. i did mostly the VR work and the towers.

Team project - SchoolGame - Worked as:Programmer
Explore The Wild (WIP)

A serieus game we make for applied games. Game will be finnish and viewable on june 8

Solo project - SchoolGame - c#
Running Out of Light (WIP)

Assignment for school DAE smiley had a lot of fun making this weapon! it is hand painted in substance painter and photoshop model made in Maya.

Solo Project - c#
Worms 3D remake

My first game i made at school. we had to remake a game. i choose Worms 3D.

Solo Project - Gamejam - c#
Jetpack man vs evil robot

My first Gamejam i joined and i did it alone. :)